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"Can we have a logo with a map of Australia and our name around it?"

This is easily the most common design brief given in this country. It's a designer's nightmare. A total cliché.

People want to stress to the locals that they are local too, or they want people in other countries to be aware that they're exotic. Either way, the unique shape of Australia is seen as a very useful visual shorthand by business owners and it's hard to argue with them - except that it's been overdone to buggery and surely there's only so many ways you can do it and still be original. 


DAD's privacy door sticker, available now!

"HELLO?" calls a man through the screen door. "I'M RESPECTING THE DO NOT KNOCK SIGN!" 
A man, woman & baby want to talk about God. They have tracts.
"Smart arse" I say as I slam the door in their cheery little faces.

So I made a new door sign, and now you can have one too!

Digital Art on an iPad

It seemed to me that I could find more uses for my iPad than as a media controller or games platform. I should be able to create things on it! After a lot of research into the painting app options, I settled on Procreate. It really is am amazing app and, although I think I proved that I can use it as a creative tool, this isn't necessarily something I want to offer as a service to clients. Sometimes things are just for fun.


1 Designer + 98 Losers = 99Designs goes public - sharemarket launch values it at nearly $1 billion.

So I checked them out. Essentially it seems much the same as, which I’d signed up for earlier in the year and investigated as a possible source of income. It wasn’t, and the whole experience had left me disappointed, angry, insecure and afraid for the future of the design industry as a whole. So naturally I signed up and gave a go. Yes I know, I’m a glutton for punishment but I was bored and had nothing better to do. “I was young, I needed the money!”


Logo design explained

I thought it might be interesting to explain a little about my process when designing a logo, using an example of one I recently completed for Vital Signs & Graphics.


The truth about SEO

"What is Search Engine Optimisation?"

SEO is the black art of achieving a higher position for your site in search results, but nobody can honestly guarantee a top 10 listing. There are only 10 spots available, not everybody can be in them. 


Animation using After Effects

I've had a couple of people ask me lately if I can do animation, and the answer is yes, sort of...


HR Management Consulting

Social Media strikes again!

If anyone ever accuses you of wasting your time just tooling around online, ignore them for they know not what they say.


Foursquare gets pushy

"Phubbing: The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention."

What are they DOING? What could be more important than talking to you? Foursquare. At least, that's their goal - to become the number 1 cause of phubbing whenever you go out with friends.



Illustrating the growth of cancer cells - with marshmallows!

I was approached by a professor who was writing a book about cancer. He wanted a series of illustrations to show how cancer cells multiply.


Logo Design

Your logo determines a new customer's perception of how professional your business is.

It's vital that you invest in getting it right.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the black art of achieving a higher position for your site in search results.

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History of DAD

Unlike those companies that say "over 30 years experience" by adding up and totalling everybody combined, I've been a graphic designer since 1979.

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