Web Wizard

OK, I’m not a wizard but people keep calling me that and it stuck.

Perhaps it’s the hair, or the fact that I’m older than God. Or maybe it’s because I will always try to come up with a solution to any given problem, and my success rate is pretty high. 

Let’s say it’s that!

DAD’s privacy door sticker – Available now!

"HELLO?" calls a man through the screen door. "I'M RESPECTING THE DO NOT KNOCK SIGN!"  A man, woman & baby want to talk about God. They have tracts. "Smart arse" I say as I slam the door in their cheery little faces. So I made a new door sign, and now you can have...

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Digital Art on an iPad

It seemed to me that I could find more uses for my iPad than as a media controller or games platform. I should be able to create things on it! After a lot of research into the painting app options, I settled on Procreate. It really is am amazing app and, although I...

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1 Designer + 98 Losers = 99Designs

Freelancer.com goes public - sharemarket launch values it at nearly $1 billion. So I checked them out. Essentially it seems much the same as 99designs.com, which I’d signed up for earlier in the year and investigated as a possible source of income. It wasn’t, and the...

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Logo design explained

I thought it might be interesting to explain a little about my process when designing a logo, using an example of one I recently completed for Vital Signs & Graphics. Step 1 - talk to the client This is a client who came to me through an ad I run on Gumtree. His...

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The truth about SEO

"What is Search Engine Optimisation?" SEO is the black art of achieving a higher position for your site in search results, but nobody can honestly guarantee a top 10 listing. There are only 10 spots available, not everybody can be in them.  What you need are results...

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Animation using After Effects

I've had a couple of people ask me lately if I can do animation, and the answer is yes, sort of... What I CAN do is this, using graphics, text and music to create animated sequences in Adobe After Effects. Check it out! You know you need this, I'd love a reason to do...

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HR Management Consulting

Social Media strikes again! If anyone ever accuses you of wasting your time just tooling around online, ignore them for they know not what they say. Over the years that I've been using Twitter, I've met many lovely people, got together, had drinks and chats, dinners,...

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Foursquare gets pushy

"Phubbing: The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention." What are they DOING? What could be more important than talking to you? Foursquare. At least, that's their goal - to become the number 1 cause of phubbing...

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Illustrating the growth of cancer cells - with marshmallows! I was approached by a professor who was writing a book about cancer. He wanted a series of illustrations to show how cancer cells multiply. First I tried simple outlines of circles with the original mass...

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Panoramics for Marcellina Pizza

While I was working on the Marcellina Pizza website, a request was made for new photographs to be taken of the outside of each of the stores to add to the Locations and Menu pages. So I got to spend an extremely pleasant day driving around from Parafield to Glenelg to...

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eBook cover

Sometimes you don't even have to meet a client, or know their name! Last year someone I follow on Twitter mentioned that she was writing a book and asked if anyone was interested in reading an early version for feedback purposes. I volunteered and was emailed a Word...

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A Potted History

Centuries ago, back in the 70's, I emerged from school at 18 with no idea what to do next, so I answered an ad for a "Junior Artist" because it had the word "Artist" in it and that seemed like a good word to be in a job description. 6 months later the "Senior Artist"...

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