It seemed to me that I could find more uses for my iPad than as a media controller or games platform. I should be able to create things on it! After a lot of research into the painting app options, I settled on Procreate. It really is am amazing app and, although I think I proved that I can use it as a creative tool, this isn’t necessarily something I want to offer as a service to clients. Sometimes things are just for fun.

This ‘painting’ of my cat, Kong, was made, on and off, over a period of about 4 months and I have NO idea how much I’d have to charge someone if they wanted me to do a Procreate painting for them. In fact, I wouldn’t even try, I’d use PhotoShop. But I’m really pleased with it so I thought I’d post it here anyway.

If you don’t recognise what this is an homage to, it’s this:

And if you still don’t know what it is, it’s from an episode of The Goodies called “Kitten Kong”, which is what my cat is named after.